Sunday, April 10, 2011

Can Earthquake be predicted?

Earthquakes are terrible.It can devastate large areas and takes lives of millions .The earthquake that took in Equador in 1906 had the power of 300 hydrogen bomb.That which happened in China in 1976 had the power of 1000 hydrogen bombs.In this quake that occurred in Tang Shan 3 lakh people were perished.

The crust of the earth when subjected to forces breaks along fractures resulting in earthquakes .When the waves originating from the sight of the fracturing move upward and reach the surface ,the earth seams to shake,bringing about large scale destruction.

Man had attempted to study earthquakes from ancient times,1500 years ago a Chinese mathematician Chang Heng made a device to detect earthquakes.made of pendulum that could respond to the slightest movement of earth ,fixed to a huge 2m diameter vessel,we don't know how efficient this device had been.


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