Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why is gooseberry first bitter and then sweet?

When you chew a gooseberry at first it has a bitter taste.But when you drink some water or swallow the saliva,it suddenly turns sweet.
The salts ,gallates and tannates known as poly-phenolic compounds are present in gooseberry.These salts are responsible for the said quality of fruit.When a gooseberry is chewed ,these astringent compounds envelop the taste buds of the mouth and cause temporary desensitisation. At this time the gooseberry taste bitter.Water or saliva washes down these salts and taste buds resume their sensitivity.Then they are able to sense the apparent sweetness of the gooseberry .


  1. Wow this is shitty explanation. Please read some science books

  2. That is not a pic of a goose berry, that appears to be something in the mimosa family, which tends to be poisonous.