Sunday, April 10, 2011

Did the Earth always look the same?

Look at the map of the world .Examine the outlines of continets of South America and Africa.Aren't the jutting portions of South America suiting the western portion of Africa like a jigsaw puzzle?Can these two be joined?About 90 years ago a German scientist called Alfred Wegner proved that South America and Africa were once joined together .Wegner knew that there is similarity between rock strata and plant fossils of the continents of South America and Africa.He came to the conclusion that at some remote time,these two continents had been connected ,also on the basis of several other evidences he noted.He propounted the 'Continental Drift Theory'.According to this theory ,it was surmised that all the present continents had been united to a single land mass he named 'Pangaea',surrounded by"Panthalassa'an ancestral primitive ocean.Later this single continent disintegrated and drifted into different continents as we see them today.

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