Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where is the country named Utopia?

Where is the country named Utopia?
In the country(arr island)  known as Utopia the home of an ideal society ,
everybody lives in happiness without any discrimation of caste ,creed or color.
In this country the necesity of a govt is very limited .Here all the people enjoy equal status.
But this country does not exist at all .

  It was Thomas More an English writter who first used the word in
his work Utopia a statirical work of life on a fictitious island.
Even before the publishment of his work idea relating to Utopia was in existence .
Plato in his book "The Republic" give idea of Utopia. As an ideal country it remained in their imagination .
 Thus many people mistake this imaginary country to be a real one.

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